Conquer Your Research Tasks

Mindzilla makes searching and discovering relevant information accurate and easy. Powered by our AI technology, it acts as your co-worker, freeing you to focus on what matters most.

The World’s Knowledge at Your Fingertips.

Knowledge Search and Discovery

Mindzilla streamlines the discovery process by ensuring important information is openly available in one place and accessible for everyone.

Knowledge Clustering

Mindzilla helps teams to gather years of research and observations on how people use their information and datasets.


Get your work discovered

Contribute your knowledge, expertise and opinion to the Knowledge Portal. Turbo-charge reader discovery with Mindzilla’s underlying artificial intelligence technology.

Create a Newsroom

Publish content that matters to you via your own Newsroom. Get your voice discovered through the Knowledge Portal and beyond. 

Smart Marketing

Your content will only feature where it is relevant and of interest to your specific audience, enabling you to achieve new levels of natural engagement.


Register for First Access

We are currently building the user interface for Mindzilla’s discovery tools and Newsrooms. Apply now to be the first to be invited to use the Knowledge Portal as soon as it is ready for beta release.

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