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The Knowledge Portal

The world’s knowledge at your fingertips. Access and explore a wealth of research libraries and editorial newsrooms all in one place. Let Mindzilla do the hard work for you.

The Knowledge Portal is powered by artificial intelligence, ensuring you discover what you are looking for, not just what you search for.

New Model of Accessibility

Mindzilla’s reward system ensures credit is given where it is due. AIQ (Artificial Intelligence Quotient) Tokens are awarded to everyone that contributes research papers and articles. The greater the impact of your research and knowledge contribution within the Mindzilla community, the more AIQ tokens are awarded to you.

Pro Services via ClientLab®

Feature your most ground-breaking developments and technological innovations throughout Mindzilla’s Knowledge Portal.

With our personalised marketing service, your content campaign will inspire the most engaged audiences across all relevant sectors.

What we do

Mindzilla has the one simple yet extraordinary mission to connect the world’s knowledge.

We are putting knowledge within reach of everyone and making the entire discovery process a far easier, more effective and accurate experience.

Our Real Knowledge Guarantee

Mindzilla actively weeds out badly framed stories, incomplete analysis, self-serving content and fake news so you always get the true picture.

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