Mindzilla is Beginning a Democratized Knowledge Revolution

Imagine an intelligent, self-sustaining and independent knowledge network that rewards knowledge, innovation and facts – based not on where they come from, but the value they bring.

It was Francis Bacon who said knowledge is power. Throughout history, advancement of civilizations has relied on the ability to access, learn from and improve upon knowledge and ideas. We are now firmly in a new age of information and our future progress and development is reliant on empowering more people than ever before with the ability to access and utilize knowledge. Bacon’s statement has never been more precise.

This is exactly why Mindzilla exists. To facilitate the collective intelligence of the many, bypassing the gatekeepers who are dominant in securing most of the public and private funds. Mindzilla is designed to be fully inclusive for people with brilliant ideas and knowledge who were previously isolated from today’s funding ecosystem, publicity and support.

Mindzilla is an intelligent, self-sustaining and independent knowledge network, powered by our proprietary cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) platform and Blockchain technology. This new AI/Blockchain combo engine gathers, reads and conceptualizes the world’s knowledge, modelling the human brain’s own process of storing information.

The key skill of Mindzilla’s engine is understanding the relationship between information (i.e. establishing interdisciplinary references and “blue sky connections” between seemingly different sectors) and spotting where novel concepts exist.

To put it simply, using Mindzilla is not just putting the world’s knowledge at your fingertips but is effortlessly delivering the information that really matters to you.

How knowledge sharing is incentivized

Populating a vast knowledge network is not reliant on pure goodwill of contributors. That’s why Mindzilla has a token-based mechanism that has a monetary value attached. This is the spark to facilitate an open network where everyone can take part and get rewarded accordingly. From academic institutions to individuals with bold ideas, everyone gets a voice.

Contributed content may be in the form of research, news articles, blog posts, reviews, academic work, commentary, opinion, industry reports, and much more. The more value your knowledge contribution adds to the knowledge ecosystem, the greater your earnings become.

Innovators to inventor throughout the world now have the opportunity to freely contribute knowledge, access resources and collaborate with Mindzilla’s community of renowned academics, experts and partners.

The Background

Mindzilla is developed by the team behind Scicasts, the platform for discovering new insights in the biomedical fields.

It became very apparent that dozens of ground-breaking developments published on academic portals and open journals every day are not being featured in the mainstream media. This means many people are simply not aware of such key innovations.

Furthermore, the existing array of research papers and research data are not being tapped into sufficiently due to expensive paywalls, lack of awareness and/or poor online accessibility.

The diagram below demonstrates the global data map produced through their project research, highlighting key groups of specialist information sources and their accessibility, including research data, academic papers, journals and other knowledge portals:

Mindzilla is on a mission to eradicate such information barriers. Currently, existing Scicasts databases are combined with PubMed, a select group of university libraries and public libraries. But this is just the beginning as we are continuously connecting other databases and more university libraries to enhance our knowledge foundation across all academic, public, business and education sectors worldwide.

The Role of the AI

The AI system powering Mindzilla is called Nebuli. Nebuli fully reads information and conceptualizes it in a way that mirrors the workings of the human brain. This revolutionizes the search for information, as Nebuli only finds and brings what is most relevant to you, even in the areas you might not think to look.

The Nebuli engine is also at the heart of the system that determines the value of a Mindzilla’s token. The scoring mechanism is based on its current database of indexed research papers and market reports, with a core function defining the quality of contributed knowledge and the impact this contribution makes to its wider network. Nebuli simply will not allow any speculative valuation.

The AI takes away the need for human judgement and bias and focuses its intelligence on spotting and connecting novel ideas that advance knowledge, understanding and innovation. That means the more innovations are funded by the token, the higher its value grows. It is a sustainable currency that will bring a positive impact to communities and societies globally.

For example, based upon a submitted document’s relation to others in our current databases, a combined mechanism of AI and community-based feedback validates the concept included within the submitted document. This provides the basis on which the Quality score is reward to both the submitter and the members of the community involved.

NOTE: We will be publishing further articles detailing the mechanisms described, including the Nebuli AI and the Blockchain model for distribution of our tokens.

How you can get involved

If you believe knowledge should be open to everyone, we invite you to become part of the Mindzilla community.

* Utilize Mindzilla as a means of discovering and researching information in a super-human way.

* Contribute and earn valuable tokens, whether you are an individual or part of a company or institution.

* Participate in our launch and grow with us by acquiring tokens at their starting value. Visit https://mindzilla.com to join our mission to democratize knowledge and take advantage of the new way to fund innovative ideas and research. You can join us and participate in our token sale as a founding member at: https://mindzilla.com/join

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