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As a way of marking our 8th anniversary earlier this year, we announced that we were evolving our business to serve all academic sectors using Mindzilla’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) and Blockchain network, starting with the amazing community of This evolution pushes’s existing coverage of 24 key scientific sectors around the world to over 3,000 sectors (and counting!) – while increasing quality of content personalisation and classification through Mindzilla’s core A.I. engine.

Scicasts has been the platform that started and pushed the concept of democratizing science with the power of AI since its inception in 2012. The mission has always been about showcasing the best of science to the world without any influence of big publishers or advertisers. With the support of’s user base of over 600,000, the network has grown rapidly within the biotech and biomedical sectors and we’ve evolved significantly thanks to their feedback. But, we felt we could do much more to empower more sectors with our mission and we’ve been working on Mindzilla since late 2016.

Now, the moment has arrived. With Mindzilla’s Knowledge Portal, we can push this concept beyond science. In fact, our new mission is the democratisation of knowledge as a whole and to fight the sharp increase of mass information around the world today – not just on social media or certain news networks, but also within the academic information markets.

What Happened to Content?

All articles and news content published on have been fully migrated to, as well as all of Scicasts’ social media content – which you can access via the following services:

What about my User Account on

Due to the new GDPR regulations, we cannot migrate users to a new service without their full prior consent. Furthermore, as the portal is in its Beta testing phase, we are only supporting academic users (including academic staff members and post-grad/post-doc students). To stay fully informed and/or to receive your invitation to join the portal as an academic, please fill in this form. NOTE: We only accept official email addresses of the academic employers. Personal e-mail (such as Gmail, Yahoo…etc.) are not permitted.

When is the full Launch of Mindzilla Knowledge Portal?

We will announce the full progress of our work on our official blog at: and throughout social media in the services mentioned above. Please stay tuned.

We wish to thank our users at for being part of our growing community from the early years, we wouldn’t be anywhere without your ongoing support! Now you are part of an exciting journey that we believe will serve you very well for many years to come.

Your Mindzilla Team

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