How Mindzilla Works

Streamlining Discovery

The complexity of the existing knowledge landscape means the search and discovery process is reliant on accessing many different portals and networks in turn, using convoluted search processes. This is laborious and prone to key information being overlooked. Furthermore, dozens of ground-breaking developments published on academic portals and open journals every day are not being featured in the mainstream media. This means many people are simply not aware of such key innovations.

Mindzilla streamlines the discovery process by ensuring important information is openly available in one place and accessible for everyone.
Mindzilla’s A.I. system does all the heavy lifting to present information that is highly relevant to each and every individual using it.

Opening Access

The existing array of research papers and research data are not being tapped into sufficiently due to expensive paywalls, lack of awareness and/or poor online accessibility.

The very concept of Mindzilla is to centralise access by:

Connecting together existing available databases under one ‘roof’
Heavily incentivising the opening up of closed and private knowledge networks via a revolutionary funding model.
Providing a single, unified access point to all data silos without the need for direct storage of original data sources.

Advancing Understanding

Innovations and breakthroughs rely on establishing new connections and links that evade the boundaries and conceptual traps of existing associations. However, most A.I. systems are designed to focus on finding similarities through efficiency of learning and repeating patterns.

Mindzilla is powered by an A.I. that not just makes finding relevant knowledge efficient but also establishes interdisciplinary references and ‘blue sky connections’ between seemingly different sectors in order to spot where novel concepts exist.

Facilitating Contribution

We know bright ideas, new insights and innovations are not held only by those in academic or research institutions. However, access to funding in the research world has traditionally and still is largely restricted to such institutions or to those with plenty of their own resources.

Mindzilla ensures contribution is not about belonging to the right ‘club’. It does this via revolutionary token-based funding model.
This is a democratic system based on a unique combination of Blockchain and A.I. technology that provides rewards where rewards are due.
Everyone can have a voice and get acknowledged accordingly.
Institutions now have the freedom to openly publish their own research and individuals have an outlet to share useful insights and innovations.

Improving Accuracy

Today, it is nearly impossible to see the real world through the whirlpool of badly framed stories, incomplete analysis, self-serving content, fake news and poor accessibility to specialist information.

Mindzilla’s A.I. system tackles such misinformation issues by taking away the need for human judgement and bias when determining the relevancy and accuracy of information.
It differentiates between what’s relevant and reliable, or not, as the case may be.
This is a true democratic process in that validation is based on the content itself, not on where it comes from.

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