The AIQ Token

Tokenize Your Knowledge

What is AIQ?

The core purpose of the Mindzilla's token system is to generate new value within the knowledge economy.

AIQ is a currency based upon the proof of value within ideas, information and insights, not simply by demonstrating expended energy or effort.

Why AIQ?

The beauty of this token is its ease of earning. Simply upload a document or a document library and the AI system evaluates the content in relation to the the existing database.

This means there is all the potential for token circulation to spread globally, even reaching communities that lack the resources and networks to participate in traditional knowledge generation.

Our Special Mix of A.I. and Blockchain Technology

Mindzilla utilises a unique combination of AI and Blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain technology enables creation of a token that’s stored in a decentralised database and managed by a smart contract.
  • The A.I. interacts with this blockchain network, which determines the the value of tokens to be issued, based on the amount of contributed content and this AI-enabled determination of value.

The result is a self-validating token that is free from any human-driven speculative valuation. AIQ is the truly smart currency of knowledge.

Our Vision with AIQ

Our ultimate goal is the democratization of knowledge. Advancement of knowledge, understanding and generating innovative breakthroughs comes through the collective intelligence of the many, not by gatekeepers restricting vital information to the few.
To achieve this, we have built a funding model that prioritises truth and relevancy over the source of information. This is the spark to facilitate an open network where everyone can take part and get rewarded accordingly.
This is a game-changer in the way knowledge and research are distributed. Finally, anyone in the world with bright ideas can have their voice recognised.

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