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London, UK – Today we are very excited to announce our new editorial section – Scicasts Insights.

Since our launch in 2012, the main mission of Scicasts has been connecting the scientific community around the globe. With the help of our core technology NEBULi™, we have been selecting the most ground-breaking scientific discoveries, opening doors for innovation and bringing together the worlds of academic research and industry.

With over 25 million engagements from you, our audience, and thousands of news articles published to date, we believe that we are on the right path. But as the amount of information rapidly expands, careful market research and analysis are needed more than ever. Over the years, we collected some interesting data and trends that we identified with the help of our cognitive data-mining engine, NEBULi™. Now we want to share them with you.

As part of Scicasts Insights, we will be addressing the questions most relevant to our scientific audience. We will provide detailed analysis of research trends, funding opportunities as well as insights into the latest pharma and biotech developments. We hope that this series will help us to build that missing bridge between the academic research community and the business world.

As always, we aim to deliver only the most relevant content and therefore would love to hear your questions and feedback. You can email us any question or topic that you would like to be addressed as part of our editorial and we will make sure that we cover it within our series!

Last but not least, the content of Scicasts Insights will be interactive and will include the best examples of online media technology. We believe that the fast-changing world of the Internet calls for new ways of representing data, making it more dynamic and engaging.

The first article in the Scicasts Insights series will be released shortly.

Meanwhile, if you have a question that you would like our team to address, you can Email us at info@scicasts.com

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