7 min readEmerging Trends in the European Proteomics Technology Markets

With the elucidation of the human genetic code, the boundaries for proteomics technology and research have really broken new grounds. The major emphasis on proteomic research mainly relies on the fact that proteins form the basis of every cellular process. Like every industry even this segment does face challenges, and with regard to the European markets, challenges such as poor revenues incurred on huge capital investments or inconsistent profit margins and integration of novel technologies, such as bioinformatics platforms to handle huge proteomic data have really made the market participants to wait for substantial returns.

With the current trends in proteomics research, certain areas such as mass spectrometry, involving protein identification have really had a sizeable impact on the European market. As complimentary to genomic approaches there has been an increase in the incorporation of proteomics technologies in drug discovery. With interests gaining in the integration of technologies, the Bio-informatics and protein bio-chip technologies are expanding in a phenomenal way within the European markets.

This is primarily due to the clarity and quantification of the results obtained. With the estimated Proteomics market revenues of around $ 850 million for 2007 at a Revenue Growth rate of about 13.5%, it is estimated that the market would expand and grow (as much as $ 2 billion by 2011).

Another upcoming field with regard to proteomics is the Bio-marker industry. Having widespread applications in drug discovery and Mass spectrometry it has received widespread acknowledgement with regard to the classification of disease bio-markers, data-handling capabilities and sturdiness. These are of primary importance in today’s market.

Opportunistic challenges in the Market:
The question now arises as to what would really be the key opportunities for companies and organizations catering to the proteomics market and how these opportunities could materialize with regard to the current market trends. With any industry involving core research and development, there always seems to be a lag or chasm between capital investments and profits. With prevailing skepticisms about high risk technology markets, federal ministries are trying their level best to aid industries and research organizations. With many technical glitches surrounding this area of research the market is still at an explorative phase providing opportunities for expansion.

Another very important aspect about this emerging field is the rarity of skilled research resources. Garnering a huge knowledge depository has become one of the key trends followed by many European nations. However it has been evident that researchers are finding it difficult, or are resisting, acquiring the expertise pertaining to a particular domain from the technical perspective. Researchers have always been brainstorming on devising platforms for delivering good protein work flow rather than mastering their functionality. With newer technologies being incorporated which only complement the existing process, researchers really are working to simplify this complexity.

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