1 min readHTG Signs Collaboration Agreement with Harvard Catalyst Laboratory

Tucson, AZ – HTG, a provider of the quantitative Nuclease Protection Assay (qNPA) system and service partner for the life sciences industry, has announced a collaboration agreement with researchers at Harvard Catalyst Laboratory for Innovative Translational Technologies (HC-LITT) at Harvard Medical School.

Under the terms of the agreement, HTG and HC-LITT will collaborate to generate a novel microRNA biogenesis assay that can measure expression of both pre-microRNA (miRNA) precursors, mature-microRNAs and regulated RNA using HTG’s qNPA (quantitative Nuclease Protection Assay) technology.

Researchers at the HC-LITT are investigating the implications of differential microRNA expression in human diseases such as cancer. MicroRNAs are single-stranded functional RNA species encoded in the human genome that regulate protein expression of numerous gene products. HC-LITT will utilize HTG’s technology to evaluate regulation of miRNA biogenesis by established oncogenic cell signalling pathways in order to develop novel diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets for the molecular characterization and treatment of cancer.

“We selected HTG’s technology due to the high precision and sensitivity of the product platform,” said Winston Patrick Kuo, Director, Harvard Catalyst Laboratory for Innovative Translational Technologies at Harvard Medical School. “I’m looking forward to utilizing HTG’s gene expression assay technology and imagers for HC-LITT’s research initiatives.”

HTG’s qNPA technology is used to carry out quantitative, multiplexed gene-based drug discovery programs, including target validation, HTS lead optimization, metabolism, toxicology and clinical development. The platform is highly flexible and designed for high throughput automation; it allows scientists to test any sample, including fixed tissues, without RNA extraction or target amplification. According to the announcement, the technology is ideal for detecting small changes in gene expression levels.

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