The Knowledge Portal

Mindzilla opens up opportunities for research communities around the world, building the foundation of a new knowledge economy.

Mindzilla makes searching and discovering relevant information accurate and easy.

Powered by our AI technology, it acts as your co-worker, freeing you to focus on what matters most.

Creating a single open knowledge network removes all barriers involved in knowledge search and discovery processes. Discovery takes place in one single location. No more jumping around multiple libraries, journals and portals.

You don’t have to trawl for information yourself.

Instead, you are presented with all the most relevant information, including those places you might not think to look.

Because Mindzilla finds related information across diverse subject areas, it opens up the potential for groundbreaking developments and innovative thinking that would have previously been obscured.

This is a true game-changer in the way information is accessed and utilised.

Mindzilla is Democratizing Your Access to Knowledge

We are currently building the user interface for Mindzilla’s discovery tools and Newsrooms. Apply now to be the first to be invited to use the Knowledge Portal as soon as it is ready for beta release.

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