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Get your content campaign in front of the most relevant and engaged audiences around the world via our ClientLab® pro service.


Take the Guesswork out of Marketing Success

What if you could match your brand updates and development stories with audiences that will be the most receptive?

Mindzilla’s editorial team, assisted by our intelligence platform, places your content in front of our users where there is the greatest potential to positively impact their work and facilitate new ideas and opportunities.

Our platform measures how every user interacts with every post, video and data chart published throughout Mindzilla’s network.

The World Needs Your Thought Leadership and Innovation

Mindzilla provides an exclusive, cross-sector coverage of the most ground-breaking developments and technological innovations that emerge every day around the world.

Our flexible content model means we can build a campaign around any organisation and any budget. We give everyone a powerful voice, from multi-nationals to start ups.

Your Own Intelligent Platform

Your Brand Deserves Our Personalized Marketing Experience

With Mindzilla's mobile-first approach, AI-powered content classification, legacy ad metrics are a thing of the past.

  • Forrester – 2016/17


    of users have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience

  • Marketo – 2016/17


    of users are highly annoyed by the way brands continue to rely on the old fashioned strategy of blasting generic ad messages repeatedly

  • Infosys – 2016/17


    of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

This model allows our team, as well as our partners, to accurately define and post the most targeted and engaging content, sponsored campaigns and resources that are relevant to individual members of our audience.

Key User Metrics (2018)

Primary Job Function

Source: Scicasts.com –2018

User Locations

Source: Scicasts.com –2018

Type of Organization

Source: Scicasts.com –2018

Sector Interests

Source: Scicasts.com –2018

Organization Size

Source: Scicasts.com –2018

Knowledge Management Needs

Source: Scicasts.com –2018

Our Quality Content Promise

At Mindzilla, we believe very strongly in allowing all entities to voice their ideas, developments and opinions to the world.

However, it is nearly impossible to see the real world through the whirlpool of badly framed stories, incomplete analysis, self-serving content, fake news and limited or zero accessibility to authentic specialist information.

For this reason, we must adhere to a clear set of Ethics and Marketing Guidelines in order to achieve trust and integrity amongst our users and contributors around the world.

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