2 min readNew Environmentally Focused Campaign Calling to “Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow”

ROSWELL, GA – A new global communications campaign is being launched today by Kimberly-Clark Professional, the company behind such global brands as Kleenex, Scott, Kimcare, WypAll, KleenGuard, and Kimtech, called “Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow.”

As various organizations and businesses around the world, as well as consumers, search for ways to protect the environment, recycling comes first to mind. However, it is also important to think about reducing what businesses and consumers use in the first place. This is the strategy behind the new environmentally focused campaign. According to the press report, Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow takes a bigger-picture approach to environmental sustainability and is the first truly global communications campaign developed by Kimberly-Clark Professional.

“Our ongoing efforts to achieve outstanding environmental performance are not just our responsibility as corporate citizens, they are vital to our success as a business,” said Jan Spencer, President, Global Kimberly-Clark Professional. “These efforts are also guided by global, company-wide objectives for improving operational performance in energy, water, waste, and environmental management systems.”

Focus on Reducing, Not Just Recycling

The central premise of the Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow campaign is that focusing only on 100 percent recycled fibre content does not address the total picture, nor is it the best approach to environmental sustainability. Rather, Kimberly-Clark Professional looks at a bigger picture and strives to reduce environmental impact at every stage of a product’s lifecycle. The company says that this approach to the environment is based on source reduction, which is essentially waste prevention, or designing products to eliminate waste at the start (i.e. before it ever becomes waste).

Products created with source-reduction in mind are designed in such a way that users actually consume less, either through improved performance, more reliable dispensing methods, or both. Additionally, if less is consumed in the first place, it often means there is less packaging waste, which further reduces the amount of waste to recycle, or send to landfill.

Nonetheless, reduced consumption is only part of the solution, the company affirms, as it considers different ways to reduce environmental impact at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, including:

  • Developing unique fibre-efficient technologies, such as the patented UCTAD manufacturing process, which reduces by up to 17 percent the amount of fibre needed to make tissue, towel and wiper products versus competitive wet press technology.
  • Compressing or redesigning products and packaging so that more fits into every case.
  • Introducing products such as Scott Coreless Standard Roll Bath Tissue, which reduces packaging waste by nearly 55 percent, compared with standard roll bath tissue – including 100 percent core and paper wrap elimination.
  • Resizing cases to optimize how they fit onto standard pallets, so truck space can be used more effectively, reducing the total number of deliveries needed to fill orders.

Recycled Fibre. Reduced packaging. Manufacturing technologies that reduce the amount of raw material used. Superior product performance that allows businesses and consumers to use less and waste less. These are the key components of Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow and Kimberly-Clark Professional’s business strategy for a more, as the company puts it, sustainable future.


For more information about Kimberly-Clark Professional, its products and its sustainability program, visit www.kcpReduceToday.com.

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