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Munich – Fujitsu Siemens Computers has announced that it is introducing a Green IT label that will be applied to all qualifying products, with immediate effect. Intended to help customers find a clear path through the Green IT jungle, the label provides a visible Green Check that products are designed in line with the company’s far-reaching corporate goals on energy efficiency and sustainability.

According to the announcement, the Green IT label gives customers an instant insight into how individual products perform in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturing to recycling, against a stringent set of criteria. Furthermore, the Green IT label acts as an internal benchmark towards continuous improvement in sustainable computing for Fujitsu Siemens Computers, the leading European IT infrastructure provider.

The new green IT label appears on products manufactured from November 2008. The label uses a simple, three-tier system – ranging from one star through to the highest, three-star accolade. In the first wave, LIFEBOOK and ESPRIMO Mobile professional notebooks, ESPRIMO professional PCs, AMILO consumer PCs and notebooks, CELSIUS workstations and FUTRO thin clients will be labelled. In addition, Fujitsu Siemens Computers is finalizing the labelling criteria for servers and storage products.

According to the report “Eco-Labels To Support Green IT ”, Forrester Research comments: “The eco-labelling of IT equipment continues to gain momentum. As spending on desktops, notebooks, scanners, printers, and even servers moves under an environmental guarantee, tech spending becomes framed as green spending. Sourcing execs should use the eco-labelling of IT equipment as a means to align IT with wider corporate sustainability objectives.”

In introducing the green IT label, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has developed stringent, detailed requirements that assess a number of product elements. The ultimate green IT accolade, three stars, recognizes products that exceed current Green IT legislation.

The Three Star label is awarded only to products that meet a comprehensive list of different criteria within the categories of material, recycling and power consumption. For example, a Three Star business client must use halogen-free material, its manuals must be made from chlorine-free paper, disassembly must be possible by a single person using commonly-available tools, and all plastic components weighing more than 25g must be marked according to the ISO 11469:2000 standard, for easier identification when recycling. In addition, to achieve three stars, the power supply of the products must meet power efficiency levels of 80 percent for PC and 85 percent for notebooks during operation, at 20 percent, 50 percent and 80 percent loads.

Dr. Joseph Reger, Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ Chief Technology Officer, expalins: “We reviewed and rated all existing eco-labelling systems but found that they were not far-reaching or stringent enough for our needs. Therefore, we concluded that the best way forward would be for Fujitsu Siemens Computers to create and implement our own Green IT labelling system. We are also publishing the qualification criteria, and industry partners are welcome to join our program. However, so far, we have not found a suitable partner whose criteria were as far-reaching as we were hoping for, and who could create the label in the timeframe we had set ourselves. Nonetheless, we would not hesitate in adopting a suitable industry-standard labelling system, should one be introduced in the future”

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