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San Diego, CA, – Accelrys, a provider of scientific business intelligence software and services, has announced the release of Discovery Studio 2.5, which according to the company, is the most advanced computational chemistry and biology software environment for drug discovery available today.
This release features major new scientific developments, and a focus on enhancing user experience by providing significant usability enhancements, with a fully customizable interface and improved integration with Pipeline Pilot. Because it is built upon Pipeline Pilot, Accelrys’ scientific operating platform, Discovery Studio 2.5 is an extensible virtual discovery environment that lets researchers integrate any tool they need to create solutions that are uniquely tailored to fit their research process.
“The new version of Discovery Studio is robust and offers a wide range of functionality,” said Dr Manel Lopez, senior scientist at Almirall, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. “I really like the customizable Discovery Guides panel. The new transmembrane protein modelling capabilities of the software are impressive, and will contribute greatly to my research.”
About Discovery Studio 2.5
Discovery Studio 2.5 streamlines collaboration and increases research productivity with key enhancements in the following core areas:
New scientific developments in the area of small molecule modelling, fragment-based design, transmembrane protein analysis, and antibody modelling.

Enhanced customizability through new Discovery Guides which allows users to combine any scientific algorithm and/or functionality in DS to create a personalized taskflow.

Improved Pipeline Pilot integration, allowing users to access scientific components and protocols to customize workflows, thus providing flexibility and extensibility of the scientific methods. Subsequently, these methods are easily deployed within a group via a Web Port or Microsoft Sharepoint for effective communication and results-oriented collaboration.

Access to the popular GOLD docking program, licensed by CCDC, allowing GOLD users to benefit from the robust features of Discovery Studio for model preparation and docking analysis.

The Discovery Studio architecture also provides access to products developed by partners in Accelrys’ ISV ecosystem allowing seamless and sophisticated integration of any third party algorithm.

“Discovery Studio 2.5 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Accelrys’ life science modelling and simulation software,” said Frank Brown, chief science officer of Accelrys. “The breadth of validated science now on our platform allows for customizing and automating almost any complex modelling task. This makes the process more robust and easier to use simultaneously, thereby extending the reach of this capability to many more scientists.”

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