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Sunnyvale, CA – Symyx Technologies has announced the release of Symyx Isentris Personal Edition scientific software. Designed for small to mid-size R&D organisations and for individuals, Isentris Personal Edition brings advanced scientific information management, exploration, and sharing capabilities to scientists without requiring an enterprise deployment, outlines the company.

As the successor to the ISIS desktop system (replacing ISIS/Base, ISIS for Excel, and ISIS/Draw), Isentris Personal Edition surpasses ISIS in meeting scientists’ needs for storing, searching, viewing, and sharing personal experimental results while still providing the powerful functionality of an enterprise scientific informatics system.

Fully functional Isentris Personal Edition software is available now for a no-charge, 30-day trial. For more information, visit http://www.symyx.com/promos/isentris-personal.

“Isentris Personal Edition puts all the power of a highly interactive, self-service, enterprise informatics system on the scientist’s desktop without the overhead of an enterprise system,” said Dr. Trevor Heritage, president of Symyx Software. “Scientists can capture and manage their personal information in fully searchable local databases and work offline. By helping scientists share databases and associated files easily with colleagues, Isentris Personal Edition drives effective collaboration within and across partnering organisations.”

Isentris Personal Edition includes the following components: Symyx Isentris, Symyx Draw and Isentris for Excel. Symyx Isentris enables you to browse, collate, report, and share your data in an efficient, timely manner. The result is faster answers and better support for decisions. Symyx Draw allows you to draw and edit complex molecules, chemical reactions, polymers, non-specific mixtures, formulations, and biologics with unprecedented ease. The result is more effective and collaborative searching, viewing, communicating, and archiving of scientific information. Using the new and improved Isentris for Excel component of Isentris Personal Edition, scientists can manage, explore, and share chemical and biological information in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that maintain the integrity of chemical structures and reaction information. Researchers are free to use the power of Excel to sort, filter, analyse, and visualise scientific data and then easily share their Excel spreadsheets with colleagues and partners. Advanced features enable scientists to enumerate virtual compound libraries, analyse the effects of substituents on biological activities, and search chemical spreadsheets using structure searching and filtering techniques.

Powered by Symyx’s proven chemistry engine and Microsoft’s SQL Server Express database engine, Isentris Personal Edition matches the Isentris enterprise system feature for feature. These engines enable Isentris Personal Edition to provide functionality and features typically only provided by larger systems requiring extensive administrative support. Features such as re-useable search strategies, dynamic SAR tables, full molecule and reaction searching, and extensive reporting to HTML, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint software make Isentris Personal Edition a modern, natural successor to ISIS/Desktop.

“The range of functionality offered to scientists through Isentris Personal Edition and supported by the underlying SQL Server Express database is a reflection of the openness and the richness of the SQL Server environment,” said Dr. Rudy Potenzone, Worldwide Industry technology strategist for pharmaceuticals and director of the Bio IT Alliance, Microsoft. “As a result, we are seeing SQL Server powering more and more applications and portals across the scientific community. Most scientists also are familiar with our platform, because their daily activities include the use of Excel and other Microsoft Office applications, and this familiarity will enable them to readily benefit from powerful desktop applications functionality such as Isentris for Excel.”

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