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Zurich Financial Services Group focuses on Nanotechnology in its latest issue of Industry Insight, its online consumer magazine. It defines nanotechnology as the methods of manipulating atoms and molecules to create new structures at scales measured in billionths of a metre. This issue of Industry Insight provides an overview of nanotechnology today – its enormous commercial potential, the unique risk challenges nanotechnology poses, the regulatory environment for nanotechnology, and a look at what Zurich is doing to help its customers understand and manage the potential risk.

I wanted to share this issue with you as it does provide some useful information and tips, as well as risk considerations, when running such potentially life-changing endeavours involving Nanotechnology. In fact, this issue is relevant to any science and technology R&D projects that aim to achieve revolutionizing discoveries. This is particularly important if you are running such projects and wish to involve financial institutions to support your ideas and perhaps spin-off ventures. I was happy to see that such a reputable financial service firm recognizes and, more importantly, understands the issues and risks facing research organizations and businesses. From my personal experience, this is almost impossible to find in today’s financial services, which make judgements without having any knowledge about the scientific projects and sectors involved.

In the opening article, the writers describe the origins of Zurich’s dealings with nanotechnology, and the steps the firm is taking today to remain a thought leader in this important field. In the featured article, the writers also describe the vast potential still to be realized in nanotechnology, across a broad range of endeavors and industries such as healthcare, computing, building materials and more. In addition, the magazine provides an overview of the changing state of regulation, and its last article teases out the real versus imagined risks posed by the technology’s further development.

Parts of the magazine and the full issue can be downloaded in PDF here.

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