Cellular Processes

T Cells are Built for Speed

Wien, Austria — At TU Wien, immune cells are being examined using special microscopic methods, and this is causing previous ideas about the surface of T cells to be rethought.

Secret Sulfate Code that Lets Bad Tau In

Dallas, TX — Researchers have uncovered details of how cells invite inside corrupted proteins that can turn normal proteins corrupt, leading to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and...

New Control of Cell Division Discovered

Zurich, Switzerland — As every cook has experienced: When balsamic vinegar and olive oil are mixed, both liquids separate. Round vinegar drops form, which then float on the surface of the oil. In physical...

Research Provides New Insights into Pruning

Münster, Germany — During the development of the human nervous system, billions of nerve cells connect up in order to communicate with each another. To this end, they use their characteristic long processes,...

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