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San Francisco, CA – Genedata, a provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, today announced Genedata Screener 10 at the Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 9th Annual High-Content Analysis (HCA) conference.

According to the announcement, Genedata Screener is a comprehensive platform for analyzing and managing plate-based data from high-content screening, high-throughput screening, and label-free and other time-series assays. For a typical daily plate batch, Genedata Screener 10 processes within seconds limitless numbers of plates, wells, and features. It easily integrates with existing high-content screening data and image management solutions, providing instant image access throughout the data analysis process. Additional enhancements include analytical capabilities such as dendrogram plots and full support for siRNA experiments. The new Cell Population Extension delivers multi-plate cell population analysis, increasing biological understanding and enabling better validation of cell data and well results.

Today’s high-content screening (HCS) experiments drive an unprecedented level of data complexity and volume, requiring sophisticated workflows and image management. As stated in the announcement, Genedata Screener 10 addresses these data analysis challenges with enhanced visualization, increased interactivity, and faster processing times. It performs standardized quality control and analysis from single cells to end results, and manages data and images for enterprise-wide access and interpretation.

Genedata Screener 10 features user-driven enhancements with capabilities for:

  • Multi-plate cell population analyses for loading, aggregating, displaying and storing millions of data points in seconds; interactive definition and display of cell populations by histograms.
  • Data analysis optimization including quality control on cell-, well-, and plate- based data; context aware compound replicate analysis and gene ranking for siRNA screens.
  • HCS image viewers across Genedata Screener modules and third-party applications; side-by-side comparisons of well or compound results with HCS images.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with leading commercial and open-source HCS image and data management systems such as Cellomics Store, Perkin Elmer Columbus, and BD Pathways

“Genedata Screener 10 tackles performance and scalability issues that typically hinder data analysis from large-scale screening projects,” said Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “The new Cell Population Extension enables scientists to analyze data from cell-based experiments more detailed than ever before, for complete assays. Genedata Screener processing speeds combined with tenth-generation workflows, specific to plate-based data and visualizations, give our customers an HCS solution that is unmatched.”

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