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Billerica, MA – Millipore has announced the release of an online tool that it says allows life scientists a new way to quickly access information critical to their research.

According to the company, the Interactive Biological Pathways Tool includes 250 validated pathway maps (provided by GeneGo) categorized by disease areas and cellular processes with direct links to detailed technical and product-specific information.

Screen shot of Millipore’s new Interactive Biological Pathways Tool.
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“In many cases, discovering the mechanisms of disease and uncovering new drug targets requires an understanding of not just individual biological events, but key biological pathways,” said Dr. Siamak Baharloo, Director of eBusiness at Millipore. “This tool provides a relevant new interface to assist scientists in planning and executing their research within the context of the biological systems in which they are interested.”

When a researcher accesses a pathway map, they see a detailed description of the pathway and supporting literature references. As the researcher selects protein or gene targets along the pathway, information is dynamically populated into a Target Information Dashboard. The dashboard information includes the gene symbol and aliases; links to bioinformatics content and recent publications; as well as links to appropriate Millipore products.

>> www.millipore.com/pathways

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