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Catching Evolution in The Act

Evanston, IL — Charles Darwin was right. In his 1859 book, “On the Origin of Species,” the famed scientist hypothesized that artificial selection (or domestication) and natural selection...

Sleep Neuron in Threadworms is Also Stop Neuron

Frankfurt, Germany — Wagner Steuer Costa in the team of Alexander Gottschalk, Professor for Molecular Cell Biology and Neurobiochemistry, discovered the sleep neuron RIS a few years ago by coincidence...

New Gene Linked to Healthy Ageing in Worms

Okinawa, Japan — People with the same lifespan do not necessarily have the same quality of life. As we live longer, extending quality of life — “healthspan” — is gaining importance....

Decoding the Chemistry of Fear

La Jolla, CA — Researchers have uncovered new clues about the mechanisms of fear and anxiety through an unlikely creature: the tiny nematode worm.

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